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Fwd: Boost Your Trading and Profits With This Pick

This is spam. Please make it stop.

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From: Marianna Bigras <>
Date: May 26, 2005 8:59 PM
Subject: Boost Your Trading and Profits With This Pick

Hello Member

Insider Profit Reporter: FRBV Is On Fire!

Company - Fire Mountain Beverage
Ticker - FRBV
Current Price - .01
52 Week High - .35
3-5 Day target - .50
6months-target - 1.25

Detailed Information About The Company:

FRBV Chairman Anthony K. Miller commented: ``Our goal is
to provide investors with relevant information about our
Company. We are excited about our future and we want our
investors to have the same zeal for FRBV that we posses.
We ask investors to subscribe to our newsletters through
the website; we will forward all future newsletters and
press releases to them at the appropriate time.''

Fire Mountain Beverage Company (FRBV) develops, markets,
sells, and distributes branded purified and flavored water
beverages. The Company products are orientated to the
health conscious consumer looking for alternatives to tap
water and carbonated beverages containing sugar, caffeine,
sodium and carbohydrates. Fire Mountain's customer base
includes single and multi-store retail operations,
governmental agencies, distributors, convenience stores,
schools and other outlets. These products take advantage
of current market trends in the beverage industry that
enhance the quality of life. FRBV has relationships that
immediately provide the Company with distribution in
thousands of retail locations including major food chains.

FRBV Will Skyrocket it is at an all time low at the moment
and will have a very impressive comeback all next week
with major promotions taking place including releases
in over 35 Newletters to millions of Investors. Also a fax
campaign will be launched on friday for great results next
week inside sources tell us. Be sure to get in immediately,
don't miss out! yoga


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