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Re: How to install perl modules?

George wrote:

On Wed, May 25, 2005 at 11:55:59AM +0100, Jason Pearce wrote:

Yes, use the CPAN module as Brian suggests. Just make sure environment variable PERLIO is unset when using -MCPAN, otherwise it will fail. (You might set this to CRLF for DOS compatibility purposes).
Also be aware that you may have trouble building some modules that use C code and have not been ported to Cygwin, mainly OS modules like WIN32. Straight Perl modules should just work out of the box, and CPAN will get all pre-requisites for you too. You'll never want ppm again!

Sorry to go off on a slight tangent here, but is there any documentation
anywhere that describe which Win32 modules are problematic, as it's most
likely that for Cygwin users the Win32 modules are of particular
interest, no?  And installing both Cygwin's Perl and ActiveState's
distribution can offer a less than satisfactory solution as it presents
its own set of problems.

There is an up to date version of libwin32 as well as Win32CORE included in the perl distributed, it *should* be possible to build some (not all) of the Win32 modules, though I have not tried to build much of them. Just try one or another if it is not already included with libwin32.

Gerrit -- =^..^=

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