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Re: .a to .lib converting

On Wed, 25 May 2005, Larry Hall wrote:

> At 09:21 AM 5/25/2005, you wrote:
> >On Wed, 25 May 2005, Alireza Ghasemi wrote:
> >
> >> Hello,
> >> I want to use some cygwin .a libraries with other environments(like
> >> VC++) as static .lib this possible?
> >
> >Yes.
> Or no. ;-)

Eh?  Your response below points to a "yes", AFAICS...

> >> Can I convert .a files to windows static libraries?
> >
> >Yes.
> Or no. ;-)


> >> If possible,what program do I need?
> >
> >This was discussed before, though I'm not sure what the correct search
> >terms would be.  I believe you can simply use "mv libblah.a
> >libblah.lib". <> might help,
> >too.
> >    Igor
> Actually, this is the answer to the opposite question.  The answer to
> that is as the FAQ states.

Umm, right.  That's why I said "might help" rather than point the OP
directly to it... :-)

> Using Cygwin .a's with VC++ isn't as easy, since they are going to pull
> in 'cygwin1.dll' and this cannot currently be initialized properly by
> non-cygwin programs.  Of course, this subject has also be discussed in
> the email archives.  If interested, Alastair Growcott suggested a
> "workaround".  If you're interested in it, see
> <>.

Ah, yes, this is exactly the message I was thinking of (though I didn't
recall it being this complicated).  Thanks for including a pointer to it.
BTW, we're talking about linking C here, not C++.  The name mangling
differences will make C++ linking much more painful, IIUC.

FWIW, someone else has mentioned working on the DLL initialization code
quite recently -- he might benefit from this pointer as well.
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