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Re: Questions on patching

On Wed, 25 May 2005, Max Kaehn wrote:

> I'm working on a patch to make it possible to load cygwin1.dll
> via LoadLibrary() in MSVC.  The intent is to make it possible
> for non-cygwin applications to be cooperative with cygwin paths
> and signals.
> [snip]

A worthy goal.  Good luck, Max.

> Some questions:
> [snip]
> 2.  I have an MSVC test program that demonstrates and tests this
>     functionality.  Where should I submit the source code and
>     Makefile -- a subdirectory of contrib?  of winsup/testsuite?
>     Since not everyone working on cygwin will have access to the
>     Microsoft compiler, should I submit a binary as well as source?
>     Where should I submit it?

As I understand it, the same issues arise whether cygwin1.dll is
dynamically loaded from an MSVC application or a MinGW application.
There is a simple way to compile MinGW applications on Cygwin (namely,
"gcc -mno-cygwin").  You could test your approach with a MinGW-compiled
app, and if you see the same behavior as with MSVC, the MinGW app could be
included in the testsuite.

> 3.  I want to spare anyone making use of the test program any
>     worries over legalities.  Should I submit it under the cygwin
>     license or put it in the public domain?

Either would be fine, AFAIU, but wait for CGF or Corinna to confirm it.
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