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connect()/cygwin_select() hangs in >=1.5.15

This piece of code hangs with cygwin1.dll >=1.5.15
during connect(), strace is attached. The same code
runs fine with cygwin1.dll version 1.5.13.

 fd = socket (proto->family, 1,

 if (fd < 0) {
  goto out;

# 553 "linc-connection.c"
  if (fcntl (fd, 4, 0x4000) < 0)
   goto out;


 if (fcntl (fd, 2, 1) < 0)
  goto out;

 { long int __result; do __result = (long int)
(connect (fd, saddr, saddr_len)); while (__result ==
-1L && (*__errno()) == 4); rv = __result; };
# 596 "linc-connection.c"
 if (rv && (*__errno()) != 119)
  goto out;


Similar problem with select() hang has been reported
earlier but nothing came out of it. I don't know if
its related. I am not sure why errno 119 is seen(see
panel.log) in this case, but that and the hang are the
common factors and strace looks similar.

Above code piece is taken from linc-connection.c in
the orbit2-2.12.2 package. This function is reached by
the gnome-panel and it hangs inside connect() as is
evident from the strace in panel.log and all I get is
a blank gnome-panel.

As I said, all I have to do to get it to work is to go
back to 1.5.13 snapshot. I am not sure what changed
between 1.5.13 and 1.5.15 to cause this.

Thanks for looking into it.

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