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Re: Trying to build gcc from src package

Richard Copley wrote:

I want to be able to recompile the gcc-3.4.1 so that I can work out a
kludge for the problem I've been having - that is, programs compiled
with '-mno-cygwin -fprofile-arcs' can't open the output file to write
the arc-profiling data. I'm having a lot of trouble.

What I want to know is, given a working XP box and a fresh install of
every cygwin binary package (except mhash, whose install script
crashes) plus the gcc-3.4.1-core source package, is it possible to
follow the instructions in the accompanying README file and end up
with a working compiler? The number and variety of difficulties I'm
encountering suggest it's not something I should be trying to do.

It should work as it works for me when I compiled gcc to release it as a package. However, my environment settings may be special, I don't know.

Have you tried it like I wrote in the README? Are you getting errors?

Well, I never tried to build just the core without building the other
parts at the same time, so there may be bugs in the script I used.

Gerrit -- =^..^=

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