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permissions for chmod on network drives


I know there has been some discussion on permissions (specifically on
chmod) and network drives, but I haven't been able to make sense of
it.  Something has changed recently for me and I can no longer execute
any chmod commands on my network drives.  This is particularly
troubling because cvs fails when it can't execute chmod, and my CVS
root is on my network drive.

My computer is on a domain over which I have no administrative
control.  I also really don't need any unix-like permissions to work. 
Is there an easy way to turn off this functionality.  I have tried
setting CYGWIN to both nontsec and nosmbntsec.  Although this changes
the way 'ls -l' generates its output, it hasn't made a difference on
how chmod works.

So, is there a simple way to open up my permissions so that chmod can
do all that attrib can do?  If setting CYGWIN to nontsec should do
that, what else can I check?  Also, with nosmbntsec set by default,
should I have this problem in the first place?



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