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Re: Problem with £ sign at Cygwin promp t.

On Wed, 25 May 2005, Chris January wrote:

> thomas.revell<at>powerconv<dot>alstom<dot>com wrote:


> > Hi all,
> >
> > I've noticed a minor issue while typing at the bash prompt in cmd.exe. It
> > seems that when I try to type a £ sign, a hash character and newline is
> > entered instead. I'm aware of the issues surrounding these two characters,
> > but as far as I can tell all of my language settings in Windows are
> > configured for the UK.
> >
> > Anyone else noticed this?
> Yes - me too now you come to mention it...
> That means either this is a new bug or I've never typed a £ before at a
> Cygwin bash prompt. I wonder which it is?

Probably the latter.  Does <> help?

In any case, bash running in a cmd window won't accept international
characters -- it'll strip the accents or print '?'s instead.

I did notice, however, that the UK layout behaves strangely in other ways:
in rxvt, the NumLock on my IBM ThinkPad laptop, for example (which is just
Shift-ScrollLock) behaves as if delete were pressed (in addition to
toggling NumLock).  Pressing Ctrl-V,NumLock generates a ^? character.
This also happens in ash, so I doubt it's readline-related.
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