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RE: Problem with £ sign at Cygwin prompt.

----Original Message----
>Sent: 25 May 2005 16:04

> Hi all,
> I've noticed a minor issue while typing at the bash prompt in cmd.exe. It
> seems that when I try to type a £ sign, a hash character and newline is
> entered instead. I'm aware of the issues surrounding these two characters,
> but as far as I can tell all of my language settings in Windows are
> configured for the UK.
> Anyone else noticed this?

  Yes, me.  It appears to have been mapped to some Kill-entire-command
control character.  Note that this happens in bash, but not in ash (£ key
works fine) nor tcsh (key fails to produce any character at all).  Since
it's bash specific, I think we probably need a readline guru to help

> Just in case anyone was wondering, I only discovered this by accident. I
> was going for the $ sign and pressed the wrong key. 

  That's nothing, you should see the godawful mess that squirts out all over
my command line when I press the 'euro' key!

  Oh, hang on, that one seems to have been fixed.  I just get a '?' now,
whereas I used to get a whole load of ANSI codes with control-] and stuff in

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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