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Problems with Cygwin Installer

I have run into this problem the Cygwin install many times and wish to know if I am doing something wrong or if there is a bug of some kind.

The Problem:

  I download the  the setup.exe and run it.  I choose either the "Install from internet" or the "Download without installing" options, pick a site, and am then presented with the package list.  I then proceed to spend 15-20 minutes going through the packages I want.  Then when it I click Next to begin downloading, I get a Download Incomplete or Installation Incomplete message and asks if I want to try again.  I say Yes, pick the same site, and then it complains about not being able to download the setup.ini file I believe.  Thus I've wasted about half an hour of time.  My only solution is  to download everything (which I don't really want to do) and then do a "Install from Local Directory".

This has been happening for at least the past year and a half and has occurred on several computers that I've attempted to install on.  I'm very frustrated with this procedure.  Either I'm really doing something wrong or there's a very annoying bug that I'm surprised hasn't been noticed and fixed.  

Can someone enlighten me to what may be the problem.

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