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Re: How to install perl modules?

Yes, use the CPAN module as Brian suggests. Just make sure environment variable PERLIO is unset when using -MCPAN, otherwise it will fail. (You might set this to CRLF for DOS compatibility purposes).
Also be aware that you may have trouble building some modules that use C code and have not been ported to Cygwin, mainly OS modules like WIN32. Straight Perl modules should just work out of the box, and CPAN will get all pre-requisites for you too. You'll never want ppm again!


Brian Dessent wrote:

Manuel Tejada wrote:

Somebody can tell me from what URL I must to download
a perl module and how to install it in Cygwing?

You use CPAN. "perl -MCPAN -e 'install Foo::Bar'" or "perl -MCPAN -e
shell". There is no URL to know, it takes care of all of that.

In pure Windows is easy is you have Perl from
ActiveState but Perl installed in Cygwin doesnt have
the ppm Manager.

To me (and perhaps others) that's a feature and not a bug. I can't stand that ppm junk.


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