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Re: "ssh-host-config -y" w/CYGWIN set to ntsec..; ssh works but CYGWIN *not* set

Tom Rodman wrote:

> I've upgraded to 1.5.16, and installed the latest openssh, using
> the "ssh-host-config -y" script.  I specified CYGWIN be set to:
>   binmode tty ntsec smbntsec
> When I logon w/simple password authentication, CYGWIN is undefined:
>   bash-2.05b $ ssh localhost -l adm_tsr
>   adm_tsr@localhost's password:
>   Last login: Tue May 24 22:58:12 2005 from
>   Welcome!
>   bash-2.05b $ echo "CYGWIN is: [$CYGWIN]"
>   CYGWIN is: []

I could be wrong here but I thought that setting of $CYGWIN for the
service affects only the environment of the actual service, not for the
general cygwin environment.  If you want the CYGWIN environment variable
set to a certain value globally, just set it in the system properties

BTW, ntsec has been enabled by default for years (?) so it's pointless
to specify it in the environment.

The delay you are seeing is probably due to ssh trying to do a reverse
dns lookup of and timing out.  Make sure you have a hosts file
that specifies " localhost" if you want to skip that delay.


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