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Re: Fw: bug in texi2dvi, and hack patch


On Thu, Feb 10, 2005 at 08:43:49PM -0500, Karl Berry wrote:
> Back on this thread about texi2dvi and cygwin from a couple weeks ago.

Back, after 3 1/2 month.  This thread is immortal!

You added the comment:
	# But on cygwin, test -x foo will not find foo.exe.

This is not true.  test -x looks for .exe on both platforms.
The difference is that test -f doesn't look for .exe on DJGPP, while
on Cygwin it does.

>     2) On cygwin, if both $dir/tex.exe exists and a directory $dir/tex/
>     exist, this function misses the existence of tex.exe.

So this is why `test ! -d' fails if both tex/ and tex.exe exist.

Anyway, your code fixed this case, but the proof would be different. ;-)

So my job was to fix the comment.  Well, I actually replaced the code
together with the comments, to get something which is easier to explain.
(Actually, my code is close to what Autoconf does.)

See the attached patch.
I hope I haven't screwed anything.

Have a nice day,
	Stepan Kasal

PS: if ebb9 or dave can actually fwd this to the cygwin list, that might be
a good idea; I'm not subscribed there.

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