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Re: new setup for testing

Brian Dessent wrote:
"Gerrit P. Haase" wrote:

The column headers disappear partially when switching back from full
screen view to normal view, see attached screenshot.

It works at first, breaks after using the radio buttons one time, e.g. switch from 'curr' to 'exp' then toggle back from full screen view to default.

Thanks for the report. I think this is related to another problem I'm
aware of and need to write code to fix: when you resize the package
chooser, the scroll info is not recalculated. It's only recalculated
when you e.g. switch the view, or toggle the "hide obsolete" checkbox. Example: Maximize, then cycle the view to full. Now restore to original
size without touching the view, and scroll all the way down. You can't
get to the very bottom of the package list because the scroll info has
not been recalculated. Likewise if you switch to full then maximize you
can scroll down past the last line, for the same reason.

I don't think the radio buttons should really be radio buttons at all because when you select one it changes the state of another widget: namely the package selection widget. It also collapses the tree if you have it expanded, which is another no-no.

The radio buttons are actually commands and therefore should be command buttons (i.e. push buttons). If you select "Keep", for example, the action for every package changes to "Keep". I can, however, then change the action for specific packages by clicking the cycle icon beside the package name. The wizard page is now no longer in the "Keep" state so the radio buttons no longer reflect the current state of the page.

Changing the current view, on the other hand, is not a command and therefore shouldn't be a command button but instead a cycle widget/drop-down list.

So a revised set of controls might look like this:

View: [Not Installed]v Set all packages to: |Current| |Previous| |Update| |Unstable|

Where "Current", "Previous", "Update" and "Unstable" are command buttons are "Not Installed" is an item in a drop down list. The View option has moved to the left hand side since it is, IMHO, the most frequently used control and should therefore be as close to the top left corner for left-to-right languages as possible.

I've used "Current" here to refer to the currently installed package and "Update" to refer to the latest stable version of a package available. This usage is consistent with the usage of "Current" in the package selection listview below, whereas the current usage is inconsistent.

Also selecting any control (including "Hide Obsolete Packages") resets the listview. This should not happen as the user may have spent some considerable time expanding the tree and arranging the columns to find the items they want to change only to have the tree collapsed again and the columns resized when they click another control.


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