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Re: /etc/profile always does a "cd $HOME"

>>i'd like to use cygwin from a normal windows-app. The problem is, that i
>>need a login-shell, so that all environment-vars are properly set. The
>>problem: bash -li always changes the current workdir!
> That's not a problem, it's a feature.
>>IMHO, executing "bash -li" shouldn't change the workdir.
> Wrong!
>>No other system i know does that.
> Not true, "bash -li" works the same in any system that runs bash.  You are
> probably thinking of running "bash" without the parameter... that execution
> doesn't change the current location.
> In fact, if you login into any system using any shell you login into your home
> dir.  That's the idea that the -l or --login parameter make explicit.

On any Linux-system i know, bash is already started in the homedir of
the user, and /etc/profile does not include any cd-command. Read Igor's
reply, he got the point.

>>Script may rely on that behaviour.
>>/etc/profile contains the like
>>  cd "$HOME"
>>That line cannot easily be removed. Starting the Cygwin-Link installed
>>by the setup wouldn't cd to ~ anymore. This behaviours is liked by most
>>users i guess (including my own).
>>Any suggestions, how the situation could be improved?
> Yep, read the bash manual, learn to use bash.
> [Quote from man bash]

That quote didn't say anything about the current workdir. It just said,
that /etc/profile is executed. So the question still is, if it is legal
to have cd "$HOME" in there.

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