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Re: trying to compile mod_dosevasive with cygwin and getting errors

Tony Guadagno wrote:
> Brian,
>   Thanks for the reply.  I found this article.  it references cyghttpd.dll that needs to be linked in.  The article is old and I cannot find this dll in my installation.  Do I have to link in a cygwin lib with the apxs script to make this work?

First of all, that article is about Apache 1.3 which is vastly different
from Apache 2.  I suggest that if you plan to use Apache under Cygwin
you use 1.3, because it is known to work, whereas people have reported
problems getting 2.x running.

cyghttpd.dll is included with the apache-1.3 package.  Unfortunately,
the maintainer failed to include the import library libhttpd.dll.a for
this, which is normally required if you want to link with -lhttpd.  So,
because of this you have to link against the dll directly by adding
/usr/bin/cyghttpd.dll to the link path.  But again, this is with 1.3. 
All bets are off for 2.x, you're on your own there.

However, the error you reported has nothing to do with a missing DLL or
library, it's simply telling you that the script is looking for a when it's probably named mod_dosevasive20.dll.  If
the file is being successfully built you can probably copy it into the
apache module dir, add the appropriate config lines to activate it, and
see what happens.  That is all that apxs really is doing.


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