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RE: CVS SSH connection timeout

Ugh, top-posting.  Reformatted.

On Fri, 20 May 2005, Singh, Mahendra wrote:

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<>.  Thanks.

> Subject: Re: CVS SSH connection timeout
> > Singh, Mahendra wrote:
> >
> > > I have installed CYGWIN on my XP box.  I have also successfully
> > > setup CVS and added various projects to it. I am attempting to allow
> > > remote users access to my CVS respositiory.  I do this by running
> > > the sshd server and allow users to connect via ssh. This was working
> > > fine a few days ago, but no, when users try to connect by specifying
> > > my Interenet IP, a connection refused occurs. I have confired that
> > > my firewall and router is allowing access to port 22. I am able to
> > > ssh to localhost.
> >
> > So this proves that sshd is running.
> >
> > > Anyone have any thoughts on why this is happening?
> >
> > Windows XP firewall, most likely.
> >
> > I had this problem, perhaps caused by testing stunnel, the solution
> > was to add (again) sshd.exe to the list of exceptions in Winblows
> > firewall settings.
> >
> > Just as a note, I'm using port forwarding at my router since my
> > computer is behind NATP.
> >
> > > Also, how can I create a group, assign users to that group and have
> > > that group be the owner of the CVS repository directories and files?
> > > I would like to try this to see if it would help. Thank you.
> >
> > Just create the user and group under windows, re-run mkpasswd and
> > mkgroup (just append the new user and group), then configure cvs to
> > use those (usually in the repository passwd file).
> Thanks much.  The problem was that my router had an IP filter to block
> port 22 (must have been caused by me screwing around, cause it was
> working last week)
> Regarding the Groups and password.  I have created a Group called
> Developers and added 3 users to it.  You mention "configure cvs to use
> those".  How do I go about doing this?  There is no password file in my
> cvs repository or any of the subdirectories under there (the repository
> is located at /home/cvsroot) .

The easiest thing to do would be to make the CVS repository owned by the
Developers group, with the setgid flag set (i.e., "chmod g+s"), readable
and writeable to the group.  Then any user that belongs to the Developers
group should be able to ssh in and access the repository (using the :ext:
method with ssh).

The cvs passwd is used in the :pserver: method, which you probably don't
want to use.
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