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RE: CVS SSH connection timeout

Thanks much.  The problem was that my router had an IP filter to block port
22 (must have been caused by me screwing around, cause it was working last

Regarding the Groups and password.  I have created a Group called Developers
and added 3 users to it.  You mention "configure cvs to use those".  How do
I go about doing this?  There is no password file in my cvs repository or
any of the subdirectories under there  (the repository is located at
/home/cvsroot) .

Thanks much, I appreciate the help

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René Berber
Sent: Friday, May 20, 2005 6:09 PM
Subject: Re: CVS SSH connection timeout

Singh, Mahendra wrote:

> I have installed CYGWIN on my XP box.  I have also successfully setup 
> CVS and added various projects to it.
> I am attempting to allow remote users access to my CVS respositiory.  
> I do this by running the sshd server and allow users to connect via ssh.
> This was working fine a few days ago, but no, when users try to 
> connect by specifying my Interenet IP, a connection refused occurs.
> I have confired that my firewall and router is allowing access to port 22.
> I am able to ssh to localhost.

So this proves that sshd is running.

> Anyone have any thoughts on why this is happening?

Windows XP firewall, most likely.

I had this problem, perhaps caused by testing stunnel, the solution was to
(again) sshd.exe to the list of exceptions in Winblows firewall settings.

Just as a note, I'm using port forwarding at my router since my computer is
behind NATP.

> Also, how can I create a group, assign users to that group and have 
> that group be the owner of the CVS repository directories and files?
> I would like to try this to see if it would help. Thank you.

Just create the user and group under windows, re-run mkpasswd and mkgroup
(just append the new user and group), then configure cvs to use those
(usually in the repository passwd file).

René Berber

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