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Re: CVS SSH connection timeout

Singh, Mahendra wrote:

> I have installed CYGWIN on my XP box.  I have also successfully setup CVS
> and added various projects to it.
> I am attempting to allow remote users access to my CVS respositiory.  I do
> this by running the sshd server and allow users to connect via ssh.
> This was working fine a few days ago, but no, when users try to connect by
> specifying my Interenet IP, a connection refused occurs.
> I have confired that my firewall and router is allowing access to port 22.
> I am able to ssh to localhost.

So this proves that sshd is running.

> Anyone have any thoughts on why this is happening?

Windows XP firewall, most likely.

I had this problem, perhaps caused by testing stunnel, the solution was to add
(again) sshd.exe to the list of exceptions in Winblows firewall settings.

Just as a note, I'm using port forwarding at my router since my computer is
behind NATP.

> Also, how can I create a group, assign users to that group and have that
> group be the owner of the CVS repository directories and files?
> I would like to try this to see if it would help. Thank you.

Just create the user and group under windows, re-run mkpasswd and mkgroup (just
append the new user and group), then configure cvs to use those (usually in the
repository passwd file).

René Berber

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