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Re: New User question wrote:

[snip]  The program runs fine when I'm in cygwin, but the
> larger package I am using expects it to run in windows.

Uh?  Cygwin is running under windows, what you really mean is that you want your
program to be executed by another program or only under the windows command prompt.

> So to make the
> integration work, I'd like to find a way to run cygwin and my vic
> program then have the cygwin environment quit when I quit the vic
> program.  My first guess was;
> c:cygwin\bin>cygwin vic
> but I get an error: cannot execute binary file
> I also tried
> c:cygwin\bin>bash vic
> and got the same error.

You don't say if this test is under the windows cmd.exe (aka. Command Prompt),
but it looks like it is... so first you opened the "Command Prompt", changed dir
to cygwin, saw that there was a cygwin.bat and tried to run it with vic as
parameter... no luck, cygwin.bat doesn't work like that but, did you notice that
the bash prompt came and you changed directory to your home directory? that's
what cygwin.bat does.

Second test... well bash is not used like that either, if you want bash to
execute a command (look at man bash) you have to use, for instance, "bash -c vic".

> I'm hoping I've explained what I want to do clearly.

No, you didn't.

Have you tried just running your program?  It should work, with or without a
cygwin window (which is runnig bash or rxvt and bash or any other of the many
possibilities).  What's the catch? that it will only run in machines that have
the necessary cygwin libraries (dll), that usually means in machines that have
Cygwin instaled but you can transport your program with the necessary libraries.

René Berber

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