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RE: New error: chmod: changing permissions of `/tmp': Permission denied

----Original Message----
>From: Sean Aitken
>Sent: 17 May 2005 16:42

> Today, I noticed for the first time the following error message appears
> when a non-admin user logs in to cygwin:
> --
> chmod: changing permissions of `/tmp': Permission denied
> --

> Should I just ignore this warning? I had this problem with an existing
> install on cygwin, and with a completely fresh install (after mkgroup /
> mkpasswd), it happens also!

> Any ideas would be appreciated. For the time being, I will just ignore
> the error.

  I notice from the directory listing that some of the dirs belong to
"Users" yet the home directory belongs to "Domain Users".  Looks like you
were logged in as a local user when you installed, but you were logged in as
a domain user when you ran mkpasswd/mkgroup for the first time and the
/etc/skel scripts created the home dirs.

  Do domain users have write access rights to your local HD?  Did you run
both mkpasswd and mkgroup using *both* the '-l' *and* the '-d' options to
get full listings?  What does 'getfacl /tmp' tell you?  What does 'cd / ;
cacls tmp' show?

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