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RE: tetex 3.0.0-3 format file problem

"Jan Nieuwenhuizen" <jannekeATgnuDOTorg> wrote:

> What config files did you have to remove?  It would be nice to
> check for those in the postinstall script.

First (ref. messages 943, 789), I suspect now I was in error in
saying that removing config files fixed the problem.  In fact I
nuked a whole '$TEXMFLOCAL/web2c' directory; I suspect now that
the operative change was removing '$TEXMFLOCAL/web2c/latex.fmt'.

On the other hand, at some earlier point (ref. messages 789,
769), teTeX 3 had installed a set of tex-generated (therefore
pdfetex- incompatible) format files in '$TEXMFVAR'.  Maybe stale
config files contributed to that; I couldn't really say.

> I'd be interested to learn what exactly did not work, or what
> fixed it.

The story goes like this:

*   Upgrade from teTeX 2 to teTeX 3.0.0-[12].  Can't LaTeX anything.
    Observe that the old '$TEXMFMAIN/web2c/texmf.cnf' file is out of
    date (and that the new 'texmf.cnf.cygwin-*' is much improved).
    Replace the old with the new.  Problem is gone.

*   Upgrade from teTex 3.0.0-[12] to teTeX 3.0.0-3.  Can't LaTeX
    anything.   On Jan Nieuwenhuizen's advice, remove
    '$TEXMFVAR/web2c/latex.fmt'; now the operative LaTeX format file
    is '$TEXMFLOCAL/web2c/latex.fmt'.  Still can't LaTeX anything.
    After much threshing around, remove 'web2c/latex.fmt' (and all
    the rest of 'web2c', and all '*/config' directories) from
    '$TEXMFLOCAL' and reinstall teTeX.  Problem is gone.

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