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Re: Command to move groups of files

On Fri, 20 May 2005, Jonathan Arnold wrote:

> Somone a month or so ago posted a list of little known Cygwin
> commands, and in that list was a cool command that allowed you
> to rename a list of files, like thus:
>  cmd First*.* Second*.*
> which would rename all files starting with "First" to be "Second".
> I used this command a bit, and then promptly forgot about it until
> I really needed to use it yesterday.
> Could someone remind me of the name of that command?

You must be thinking of "rename" from the new cygutils.  FWIW, a Google
search for "zzapper commands cygwin rename" brought it up as the first
hit (I just happened to remember exactly *who* posted that list). :-)
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