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Re: tetex 3.0.0-3 format file problem [tetex maintainer -- please respond]

Christopher Faylor writes:

> Jan, can you provide any insight here?

What happened here is that the latex FMT file was somehow produced by
plain tex, not by pdfetex.  In tetex-2.x, latex was a symlink to tex,
whereas in 3.0 it is a symlink to pdfetex.

The FMT files are produced by running texconfig-sys init, which is run
during postinstall.  The latex-pdfetex version chokes on the invalid
FMT file, so that file must be regenerated.

The most common problems have to do with file permissions or manually
edited config files.

Easiest is to rerun setup.exe and reinstall the tetex-base package and
see if that works.  Otherwise, remove the latex.fmt file (`kpsewhich
latex.fmt' prints the full file name).  Run `texconfig-sys init' to
generate the latex.fmt file.

I'd be interested to learn what exactly did not work, or what fixed


Jan Nieuwenhuizen <> | GNU LilyPond - The music typesetter       |

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