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Re: CPIO with solaris 9 flash archives

On Wed, 18 May 2005, Clemson, Chris wrote:

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to get cygwin cpio to view/extract a flash archive made on solaris 9.

According to the docs, a flash archive is just a cpio archive.
Reading the during the solaris install works fine, but I am having trouble getting cygwin cpio to view it:

E:\>cpio -ivF v240-disbox-v1-08-archive /etc/release
cpio: warning: skipped 90486 bytes of junk
cpio: warning: archive header has reverse byte-order
cpio: warning: skipped 188023 bytes of junk
cpio: warning: skipped 1360 bytes of junk
cpio: warning: skipped 146962 bytes of junk
cpio: premature end of file


both the file and the drive I am reading it with work fine.
I can't say I've used cpio much, but the man pages say that it should recognise the format automatically.
any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

How did you get the file to your PC? Did you FTP it? Did you remember to use binary mode? As an experiment, I FTP'd a Solaris 8 CPIO file in ASC mode and ran cpio against it. The results are similar to what you show above.


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