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Re: *** system shared memory version mismatch detected

Larry Hall wrote:

] If you didn't reboot.  Try that.  If you still have the problem, double check
] that you don't have any other 'cygwin1.dll's.  'cygwin1.dll' is, 
] unfortunately, distributed with a large number of 3rd party apps, including
] things like clamwin and many video editing/capturing/playing apps so make 
] sure you look *everywhere*.  If you consult the list again for help on this
] subject, please read and follow the problem reporting guidelines found here:

As I said I already did a full search, in every drive and \cygwin\bin\cygwin1.dll
is the only cygwin dll I have. Tried rebooting but no luck.

Again, this wasn't happening before upgrading to 1.5.16-1. I don't know
if that's the fault or if it's something it doesn't like about my config.
If I delete that dll cygwin compiled programs don't start complain it's
missing. I even tried deleting everything and reinstalling from scratch,
no luck either. It might be some keys in the registry..


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