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Re: [patch] several new features for cygrunsrv

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> I really like this patch, cool stuff.  However, I have two nits.
> First, your patch adds new options, so it should also add some wording to
> cygrunsrv.README.
> On May 19 12:25, Brian Dessent wrote:
> > for S in `cygrunsrv -L`; do cygrunsrv -E $S; done
> >
> > If a service name contains spaces it will be double-quoted.
> I gave the -L option a quick test and to my surprise, no service got
> printed.  The problem was apparently that I was not running /bin/cygrunsrv,
> but the cygrunsrv I've just built in my builddir.  To recognize the
> services as a Cygwin service, the list function uses the full path to
> cygrunsrv.  I'm wondering if comparing the basename wouldn't be better
> for debugging purposes?  This is also more aligned to the -Q option which
> prints services also if it's not the "right" cygrunsrv asking for them.

Yes, I ran into that myself as well and then forgot to put the basename
check in.  I also found a bug or two.  I'll send you another patch later
that fixes all the above.

Do you think the idea of having cygcheck include the --list --verbose
output is worthwhile?  I'll see to doing that if it's agreeable.


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