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RE: tetex 3.0.0-3 format file problem

"m. z." <mzap80AThotmailDOTcom> wrote:

BTAM, the wizards will not reply to such naive questions as
yours or mine.  FWIW, here's what I've found out:

> Why doing "latex" is invoking now pdf format ?

According to the teTeX manual ('doc/tetex/TETEXDOC.{dvi,pdf,ps}'),
section 4.6, "pdfetex: the new default TEX engine":

    teTEX uses pdfetex for all formats except ``good-old'' tex.
    So, if you run latex, the underlying engine will be pdfetex.

> In the mail below, I see that still with version 3.0.0-3, which
> still I have not installed because I failed both with 3.0.0-1
> and 3.0.0-2, when one is doing "latex filename.tex", in the line
> below the output is "pdfeTeX..." With the previous version of
> tetex (2.something) this was not happening.  Is this the source
> of the problems with tetex 3.0.0-x ?

Perhaps not.  Or if it is, it may not be an insuperable
obstacle.  My problems with teTeX 3 so far seem to relate to
outdated configuration files; local configuration files left
around from teTeX 2 are liable to break teTeX 3.  For example:

*   If you have an old customized 'web2c/texmf.cnf', even in the
    main TEXMF tree, the installer may not overwrite it, and the old
    file will break teTeX 3.  This is because the path configuration
    rules have changed significantly from teTeX 2.

*   Configuration files in local TEXMF trees may also break the new
    teTeX, perhaps for reasons related to the pdfetex thang (also
    new to teTeX 3).  Anyhow, cleaning out the old config files got
    LaTeX working again for me; YMMV.

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