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RE: mkpasswd and mkgroup failures

> On May 18 18:10, Robb, Sam wrote:
> > So, she *should* have had the username and id for a domain
> > user.  Something in cygwin (mkpasswd, cygwin1.dll, etc.)
> > seems to think she's the local user with the same username
> > for some reason.
> This isn't exaclty a Cygwin problem.  mkpasswd and mkgroup 
> are basically
> just calling some Win32 NetXXX functions to request the information. 

Yah.  I just spent some time looking at the source for
mkpasswd, and it doesn't look like there's a whole lot
there that could go wrong :-/
> Of course there could be something wrong in mkpasswd/mkgroup, but the
> error message you see is a result of one of the Win32 Net calls.  It
> looks suspiciously as if she was logged in as the local user, 
> but you'll
> never know if you're not able to reproduce it in some way.

I know - but as I said, we made sure she was logged in to the
domain account.  I'll poke around in MSDN and see if MS has
anything to say about problems with local accounts that have
the same name as domain accounts...


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