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RE: problems in Perl process management

Yitzchak: sorry this reply is late. 

> I just reread the whole thread three times, and fail to detect any
> rudeness from him.  He did confess to being "flip", though.  (I thought
> it was just an attempt at humor.) 

> > > > I also notice that deeper forked processes (grandchildren)
> > > > refuse to die.
> > ...
> > > You can't send cygwin (aka unix) signals to a windows proram.
> >
> > Which is wrong - we were talking about killing the Cygwin PID.
> "we"? He wasn't responding to you, and I see nothing in Jurgen's
> message to indicate he is talking about a situation involving *any*
> cygwin programs; in fact, quite the contrary.

By "we", I meant Jurgen and me. 

I just reread that thread and there has been a bit of confusion. My problem
is in killing certain Cygwin processes with Cygwin Perl's built-in kill.
Jurgen reply was about problems killing ActivePerl processes (run by Cygwin)
with ActivePerl's built-in kill:
ActivePerl's kill wouldn't use signals at all, so that part of the
discussion went the wrong way. Sorry for the confusion from my side.

In another email you said:
> As I understand it, kill -9 does not send a signal, and certainly not to a
> windows program. 

That's interesting. SIGKILL can't be trapped by any program, but why would
'kill -9' not send a SIGKILL for a Cygwin process?

Sonam Chauhan

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