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Re: Cannot find the librtl3 package even after reading suggestions in FAQ and posts!

Christopher Faylor <cgf-no-personal-reply-please <at>> writes:

> >> "all", downloading 190 *.bz2, but there's no libintl3-0.14.1-1.tar.bz2 to be
> >> found, and not even a gettext directory under release. Oddly enough, using
> >> and I get 308 *.bz2, yet still no
> >> libintl3-0.14.1-1.tar.bz2 (or release/gettext).
> >
> >If that's really the case then there's something wrong going on in
> >setup.exe.  Can you please attach your "cygcheck -srv" as well as the
> >contents of /etc/setup/installed.db?
> I suspect that setup thinks libintl3 is already installed and so hasn't
> downloaded it.  I'd be very surprised it libintl3 wasn't really listed
> if you change the View setting to "Full" in setup.exe.  If it isn't, I'd
> like to hear what packages are listed before and after libintl3,
> alphabetically.

I see libintl now both in category and full view. It must have been my error,

Also, the original problem was my fault: using "install", rather than
"reinstall". Though I had a cygwin environment several months old, I wanted to
grab a new copy for burning to cd using the "Download Without Installing"
option. I assumed that it would not check my current installation, since I was
not installing, per se. Using "install", libintl was marked "keep". Changing to
"reinstall" marked it "retrieve".

I still can't explain the behavior difference between the mirrors. That must
have been some kind of pilot error too.

Thanks for the help,

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