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Re: Cygwin installing too much stuff

Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
Brandon J. Van Every wrote:

It is irritating because I'm on a dialup, and I just wanted to grab the small "zip" tool and keep going with my real work. Instead I'm waiting waiting waiting waiting on piles of downloads that I'm too lazy to go in and figure out.

Well... since you're waiting anyway, couldn't you use that otherwise-wated
time to "go in and figure [it] out"?

When multitasking I prioritize throughput over latency. I went and scrubbed steps for a few hours to keep the landlord happy. All for a 86K download: zip is tiny! It just has the liability of being last in the alphabet.

In this case, you lucked out, because
I'm going to do it for you!

See there's a method in my madness. :-) It seems that I could solve these sorts of problems with the "partial" and "curr" views. I did indeed have a partial TeTex download pending, and I actually did need it for what I was compiling. I had just forgotten that I needed it, as I was interrupted in my work last week.

Thanks for all the help everyone.

Brandon Van Every           Seattle, WA

When no one else sells courage, supply and demand take hold.

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