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Re: CPIO with solaris 9 flash archives

At 11:23 AM 5/18/2005, you wrote:
>Hi everyone!
>I'm trying to get cygwin cpio to view/extract a flash archive made on solaris 9.
>According to the docs, a flash archive is just a cpio archive.
>Reading the during the solaris install works fine, but I am having trouble getting cygwin cpio to view it:
>E:\>cpio -ivF v240-disbox-v1-08-archive /etc/release
>cpio: warning: skipped 90486 bytes of junk
>cpio: warning: archive header has reverse byte-order


>cpio: warning: skipped 188023 bytes of junk
>cpio: warning: skipped 1360 bytes of junk
>cpio: warning: skipped 146962 bytes of junk
>cpio: premature end of file
>both the file and the drive I am reading it with work fine.
>I can't say I've used cpio much, but the man pages say that it should recognise the format automatically.
>any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

You're not reading the warnings?  You may need to read the 'cpio' man page
as well.  You're looking for the '-b' switch I believe.  BTW, this
is not a Cygwin-specific issue.  It's an endian thing.

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