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Re: Hiding xemacs console window when started from windows explorer


Brian Dessent wrote:
> Maxime Beaudry wrote:
>>I installed xemacs along with cygwin.  I try to start xemacs by directly by
>>double clicking on the xemacs-21.4.17.exe file in my windows explorer.  This
>>starts a dos console window which in turns starts xemacs properly.
>>My question is: is there a way to simply open a xemacs window and not the
>>dos console window when double clicking on the executable?  Thanks.
> Try the 'run' utility in the X-startup-scripts package.  The comment at
> the top of the source pretty much explains it:

Actually, there is a definite change in the behaviour of the recently
released build of xemacs-21.4.17 and its' predecessor xemacs-21.4.15.

First, I think it is safe to say that the behaviour described by Maxime
Beaudry relates to the non-X-windows instance of Xemacs. I know, because
I explicitly unset DISPLAY when I run Xemacs through cygwin, to run
without the X toolkit, and I am seeing this dos console window.

As Maxime runs Xemacs from windows explorer, and unless Maxime is
setting a global DISPLAY environment variable, it is safe to assume this
is also the mode Maxime is using.

In the latest build, a dos console window appears when run, either
through windows explorer, or by typing:

env DISPLAY= xemacs

in an *rxvt session*.

It does not happen if you run directly from a command prompt window
(either direct, or the Cygwin/bash layered window), likely adopting this
native console as it's own.

I am guessing that there was a specific patch applied on 21.4.15 that
was missed on 21.4.17 to avert this behaviour. Hope it gets back in,
else I take drastic action of looking into it and rebuilding from source :-D


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