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Re: Hiding xemacs console window when started from windows explorer

Maxime Beaudry wrote:

> I installed xemacs along with cygwin.  I try to start xemacs by directly by
> double clicking on the xemacs-21.4.17.exe file in my windows explorer.  This
> starts a dos console window which in turns starts xemacs properly.
> My question is: is there a way to simply open a xemacs window and not the
> dos console window when double clicking on the executable?  Thanks.

Try the 'run' utility in the X-startup-scripts package.  The comment at
the top of the source pretty much explains it:

 * This program is based on the runemacs.c distributed with XEmacs 21.0
 * Simple program to start gnu-win32 X11 programs (and native XEmacs) 
 * with its console window hidden.
 * This program is provided purely for convenience, since most users
 * use XEmacs in windowing (GUI) mode, and will not want to have an
 * console window lying around. Ditto for desktop shortcuts to gnu-win32 
 * X11 executables.


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