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Re: Windows Server 2003 inetd service keeps exiting

Krigare Warrior wrote:

> I did as you suggested, and I did get an error message (in the event viewer)
> stating:
> starting service 'M' failed: redirect_fd: open(1, /var/log/inetd.log): 13,
> Permission denied.
> After digging, I found that /var/log did not have write permissions.  After
> setting write permissions, inetd was able to start, and after 20-30 seconds
> it exited.  No further messages in the event viewer or /var/log/inetd.log.

That will happen if you change the user that the service is running as
without also chown'ing the log files, since typically they get created
with write permission only for the owner.

> So, I am not sure if it is still a permission setting problem.. Where are
> the setup scripts located? I would be glad to look at those (if I could only
> find them). I did find the iu_config, but nothing really there except
> setting up ftpusers etc.


> Also, neither cron or sshd will run either (actually they never got setup
> during installation, did I have to do anything special?).  I have tried
> re-installing cygwin but no difference.

You are using the *-config scripts to install those services, right? 
They will take care of all the boring details for you.  However, if you
have remnants (such as an existing sshd service) they will not try to
overwrite what you've got already.


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