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Re: Sort - locale: 1.5.16-1 (Attn: coreutils maintainer)

> > Thanks again. I am puzzled because I recall that an older version I
> > tried a couple of years ago was sorting correctly. This most recent one
> > seems to ignore anything related to LC_*

I'm not sure how - newlib strcoll has never been locale-aware, and
fileutils did not then (nor coreutils now) provide a locale-aware
replacement.  Sort has been using a strcoll wrapper named memcoll
since at least at least textutils 1.22q (version 1.166 in Jul 1999) - see

And sort is not ignoring LC_*, just LC_COLLATE.  LC_MESSAGES should
still have an effect in cygwin.

> Well, a couple of years ago you would have used the "sort" from fileutils.
> It has now been superceded by coreutils.  If you're correct, and it used
> to work in fileutils, then this is a regression that the coreutils
> maintainer should be aware of.  Eric, are you reading this?

Yep!  But I don't think there is a regression.  You'll have to provide an
actual example to prove me wrong.

Eric Blake
cygwin coreutils maintainer

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