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Re: Vim problem

Trevor Osatchuk wrote:
Most likely not a problem with VIM, but more a user configerable
option.  I just got through setting up vim on cygwin.  In your
~/.vimrc file you need to format your ruler.  That is the bar at the
bottom that shows you which file, which line, which column, etc. that
you are on in VIM.  This file is in /home/yourname.  You can copy an
example from /usr/share/vim/vim63/vimrc_example.vim to your home
directory.  Open it with vim and then do a :help ruf to see how to set
up your ruler in .vimrc and then do a help statusline to see what
options are available.

My line is:

ruf=%32(%l\ %c\ %f\ %p%%%)

This gives me 32 chars in my status showing line number, column number
filename and a percentage of how far into the file my cursor is.
Check out the help and pick the options you want.

You don't have to do that, though, if all you want is the vim default.
Even a completely empty .vimrc file will shift vim out of compatible mode, and cause a useful default to be shown.


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