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Re: How to separate backspace and control-J functions?

--- Eric Blake <> wrote:
> Backspace IS control-H, and you must live with it
> (or else submit a patch that creates a new terminal
> type, perhaps called
> cygwin-bs, with different key-mappings and new
> termcap/terminfo database
> entries, and a way for the user to select which of
> the two cygwin terminal
> types they want).  But if you are using rxvt or
> xterm, see this recent
> post for the trick to turn backspace into ^? instead
> of ^H, and for a web
> page with more details about changing your keyboard
> layout:

That was indeed my mistake, I indeed meant ^H when I
said ^J.

Anyways, isn't there a terminal type for use with
cygwin that will differentiate between BACKSPACE and

I'm surprised that cygwin does not, because every
linux/unix system I've used easily distinguished
between the two.

I didn't see a solution to this specific issue when I
followed the link to that post.

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