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Re: How to separate backspace and control-J functions?

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According to on 5/15/2005 9:40 AM:
> On my Debian Linux bash shell, the backspace key kills
> the current character ("backward-delete-char" function
> in .inputrc) and my ctrl-H key simply moves the cursor
> left ("backward-char" function in .inputrc)
> However, in cygwin's bash shell, whenever I use
> .inputrc to assign a function to control-J, then the
> backspace key gets the same function.  (the .inputrc
> line is  "\C-H": backward-char )

Huh? control-J and control-H are distinct characters, and backspace only
ever interferes with control-H.  Usually, control-J is synonymous with the
Enter key.  I don't know what question you were trying to ask, but assume
that you are really trying to separate backspace from control-H.

With that assumption, if you are using $TERM of cygwin, there is no way to
perform the separation.  Backspace IS control-H, and you must live with it
(or else submit a patch that creates a new terminal type, perhaps called
cygwin-bs, with different key-mappings and new termcap/terminfo database
entries, and a way for the user to select which of the two cygwin terminal
types they want).  But if you are using rxvt or xterm, see this recent
post for the trick to turn backspace into ^? instead of ^H, and for a web
page with more details about changing your keyboard layout:

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