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Re: having trouble compiling gcc (3.3.3 or 3.3.5) in cygwin

admin wrote:

> my original question was how to get gcc to compile (w/o using distcc) as a means for building my cross compiler.  at least thats what i thought i was doing.  i was following this howto: .  like i said, im a bit out of my league here.
> do you still think i need to be over in the other mailing list?  i ask b/c i am a little confused as to whether i should be following that guide at all right now.

As I said, in your original post your cross compiler build was failing
because you don't seem to have the target (i.e. linux) headers installed
in the right place.  There is a circular dependency for building the
crt*.o files, because in order to do so you need the target headers and
libs installed, but in order to make and install glibc you need a
working cross gcc, and possibly kernel headers.  You can either cheat
and just copy over the target specific files from the linux system, or
do something like use the 'sanitized' headers that the crosstool script
uses.  This will all be explained to you in the crossgcc mailing list
which is where you should ask your question, because this really is not
a Cygwin-related topic.

About whether the instructions on the wiki are any good, I have no
idea.  It's not something that this list supports.


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