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Re: Best antivirus for cygwin? - was Norton antivirus and the Trojans

René Berber schrieb:
Reini Urban wrote:
So the question is: what change in the build system?

That's the question, yes.

They still ship their libtool with the LIBTOOL sections inside
acinclude.m4 and not in aclocal.m4, as if libtool was not standard and
stable enough, as if they have to override our libtool.

I'm having a hard time debugging this with every change.
Either take their libtool and add -shared support for their 1.4.2a,
or take 1.5.10 and fix aclocal.m4 and acinclude.m4.

From 0.85 on I'll probably just reduce the huge libtool patch, and
replace their with 1.5.10 to support -shared.
I'm testing and packaging this version right now. (0.85)

Thanks for the reply.

I agree that the clamav package needs a patch sent to the developers to make it
compile out of the box under Cygwin, updating libtool seems like a good idea.

They dont need a patch, since it compiles OOTB with a recent libtool under cygwin. I told them very often to update their libtool and esp. not to include standard m4 macros in acinclude.m4, which is strictly against the autotool philosophy. They shoudl go to aclocal.m4.
But since it only affects cygwin so far, Thomas is probably not concerned enough. All other platforms compile fine with libtool 1.4.2a yet.

Reini Urban

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