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Re: Best antivirus for cygwin? - was Norton antivirus and the Trojans

René Berber schrieb:
Reini Urban wrote:

And while we are here and there is still the latest release pending for
some days, I just want to say that the test version in setup.exe is
featurewise almost the same and the delay of the 0.84 release proper is
caused by some change in the build system.

[snip] Clamav-0.84 compiles almost out of the box, shared libraries and all. The almost is because the libtool generated lacks the -shared parameter for building the libraries, other than that there is no problem, including the new contrib program clamdmon, all tested and working.

So the question is: what change in the build system?

That's the question, yes.

They still ship their libtool with the LIBTOOL sections inside acinclude.m4 and not in aclocal.m4, as if libtool was not standard and stable enough, as if they have to override our libtool.

I'm having a hard time debugging this with every change.
Either take their libtool and add -shared support for their 1.4.2a,
or take 1.5.10 and fix aclocal.m4 and acinclude.m4.

From 0.85 on I'll probably just reduce the huge libtool patch, and replace their with 1.5.10 to support -shared.
I'm testing and packaging this version right now. (0.85)

Reini Urban

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