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Re: problems in Perl process management

Sonam Chauhan schrieb:
I had thought Gerrit would release a new 5.8.6 with them, but this
doesn't seem to have happened; don't know if I somehow dropped the
ball on that.  In any case, I'm really really hoping that 5.8.7 is
released in the next few weeks.

I don't know anything about problems with Proc::ProcessTable other than
what may have been mentioned in that thread.  Perhaps you'd like to look
into it further?


Can you confirm whether your patch addresses a problem Reini reported your
thread in Feb? It was this message: ...where Reini said:

But the cygwin pid's seem to be wrong.
Some cygwin processes are not detected as such, so the pids are listed as winpid's. And fname is printed as windows path for those processes, though it should be printed as cygwin path. I'll complain upstream.

Sorry for being late. I'm catching up old email.

I didn't complain yet upstream at because I wanted to wait for our 5.8.7 release. But you can do it by yourself also, or fix it in this module XS. It's really easy with the cygwin provided translation functions.

My problem is similar - in Cygwin, Proc::ProcessTable reports some PIDs as
WINPIDs instead of Cygwin PIDs.

In terms of my testcase (attached to my first email), the effect is that the
get_pids method in does not recurse down all descendant
processes due to inaccurate PID reporting by Proc::ProcessTable.

-- Reini Urban

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