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Re: Strange-Dangerous behaviour in Cygwin (and/or RXVT)

I have tried your code "stty erase ^H" in .bash_profile and as I thinked
it works for standard bash shell and xterm BUT NOT for RXVT in which, now,
BKSPACE is dead. In others words RXVT wants "stty erase ^?" as in

I have tried also the code

if tty --quiet ; then
               stty erase '^?'
               case "$TERM" in
                   cygwin ) stty erase '^H' ;;
                   xterm* | rxvt* ) stty erase '^?' ;;
                   * ) # unknown terminal type, don't set erase

that works for std-bash-shell and RXVT BUT NOT for xterm!

The reason, in this case, should be the fact that

echo $TERM

prints "cygwin" in std-bash-shell, and "xterm" in RXVT and in XTERM!

I remain in the opinion that some recents upgrades have changed something
(env. var., dlls) in cygwin conf.. Previously, also with this /etc/profile
(3.2-1, 3.1-4, 3.0-1) with "stty erase ^?" all worked fine.

For example, termcap upgrade (Apr 22) can have some influence?
Or the rxvt package itself (Apr 10)?


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