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Re: gcc + cygwin

Thanks for the useful responses to my problem. 
The solution of removing stdout to the main() did
indeed work for the moment.

I apologise for the following simple question in

In the course of trying to figure out a solution to
the gcc+cygwin problem on my own, I reinstalled some
cygwin components (gcc, some X and what-not). 
Now I can not run Xwin, xterm etc.
I used to just launch the startxwin.bat provided by
the default cygwin installation.
It still launches an Xwin and an xterm, but no window
If I run startx or, I get a long list of
things that seem to launch OK, and the last line is 
winInitMultiWindowTM - Hello
and the rest is silence.

I tried: set DISPLAY=localhost:0 to no avail.

I'm sure I need only a small, dumb thing, but I don't
know where to look for it.


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