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ImageMagick doesn't like compressed .ppm files (bug?)

On my proper unix/linux systems I do a lot of imaging work with .ppm.gz or
files (binary 'P6' PPM, not the 'P3' ASCII version).  The ImageMagick
(e.g display, convert) understand this format and it works well.

However, with Cygwin, having created an image.ppm.bz2 or image.ppm.gz2 file
  display image.ppm.bz2
exhibits some corruption of the image, but
  bunzip2 image.ppm.bz2 ; display image.ppm
works fine (as does display image.ppm.bz2 of the file on a linux box).

It looks suspiciously like the sort of corruption you'd get from binary/text
confusion, but setting CYGWIN=binmode or accessing the files by a binary
mount makes
no difference.

The problem isn't limited to display e.g
  convert image.ppm.bz2 image.jpg ; display image.jpg
  convert image.ppm.bz2 image.xbm ; xsetroot -bitmap image.xbm
both show corruption.

I've attached the result of a
  cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck.txt
and one of the problem image.ppm.bz2 files.

If this is a bug, hope this is useful info.
If not, what am I doing wrong ??



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