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Re: Updated: tetex-3.0.0-3 - now missing texi2html which is *mandatory* for Cygwin DLL build


Shaddy Baddah wrote:
> It seems that texi2html has dropped out/moved out of the binary package.
> Is this deliberate? Where should I look for it now?

Sorry if this seems like impatience, but I am not sure I captured the
severity of this problem in my original email... and since response has
been a little mute, I may have been at fault.

The Cygwin DLL build has a dependency on texi2html, which was available
as recently in tetex-bin-2.0.2-15.

It seems to have been left out of tetex-bin-3.0.0-3. It is not an
installation problem local to me. Check out and you will
notice that it is not in tetex-bin-3.0.0-3, or any other binary package
that it may have moved to.

As it is required (or semi-required if you are happy to workaround the
particular make targets that use it) for the build of the Cygwin DLL, I
don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that it would be
considered a critical bug.

Looking forward to a tetex-3.0.0-4 package release soon.

Thanks in advance,

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