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Re: Fixing strace and cygcheck so that they work with mount -X

On 5/11/2005 3:41 PM, Michael Schaap wrote:
The patch as-is doesn't compile for me, though, I presume because
    char **envp = (char **) cygwin_internal (CW_ENVP);
uses a not-yet-released Cygwin enhancement.  But when I change it to the
simpler and more standard
    char **envp = environ;
it compiles and works fine, both under mount -X and normally.

Doh! I didn't read Chris' last comment carefully enough. Yes, copying from environ is much more reasonable.

(At first I was a bit suspicious of the logic - it only sets those
Windows variables that are not currently set, so what about variables
that were changed or deleted within Cygwin? - but it looks like the
Windows environment isn't the standard pre-Cygwin user environment, but
a minimal one with only PATH and SYSTEMROOT set, so it actually does
behave optimally this way - it sets all other variables when running
under mount -X, and sets nothing otherwise.)

Right. The main reason I did that, though, was because copying the Cygwin PATH to the Windows environment caused lots of core dumps.

Revised patch attached.  Can you try this out and see if it still works
for you?  If you confirm this, I'll resend the patch in a new, more
obviously titled thread, to attract Chuck's attention.  ;-)

Works fine for me. Start attracting!

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