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Re: Permissions problem mounting NFS shares from Cygwin sshd

On Wed, 11 May 2005, Chip Olson wrote:

> Quoth Igor Pechtchanski:
> > Read the above page again, please.  If I understood your statement
> > correctly, you've edited /etc/passwd and /etc/group directly.  This is not
> > *supposed* to have any effect, unless you use the appropriate Windows
> > tools to adjust group memberships.
> >From the NT Security document:
> 	Unfortunately, workstations and servers outside of domains
> 	are not able to set primary groups! In these cases, where
> 	there is no correlation of users to primary groups, NT returns 513
> 	(None) as primary group, regardless of the membership to existing
> 	local groups.
> 	When using mkpasswd -l -g on such systems, you have to change
> 	the primary group by hand if `None' as primary group is not what you
> 	want (and I'm sure, it's not what you want!)
> This machine is not in a domain. I understood the above to mean I
> needed to generate the password file with mkpasswd and edit it to
> change those group IDs. Am I understanding incorrectly?

I believe so.  I read the above as "one only needs to change /etc/passwd
and /etc/group if the machine is part of a domain".  Perhaps it could be
reworded to make that clearer -- <>.

> > The usual place to look for the actual errors when starting sshd is the
> > Windows event log.
> OK, this is interesting:
> sshd : PID 1364 : starting service `sshd' failed: execve: 1, Operation
> not permitted.

Your Administrator user is probably not seeing /usr/sbin, or the
permissions on /usr/sbin are wrong.  Hard to know without more

> Which tells me Administrator doesn't have the privileges to start
> sshd. Following the tried-and-true troubleshooting methodology of
> "dunno, maybe it'll work", I changed /usr/sbin/sshd's ownership from
> Administrator:Users to Administrator:Administrators. Its group ID
> changed from 545 to 544, as I would expect, but the change had no
> effect.

I don't recall you attaching the output of "cygcheck -svr" as requested in
<>.  Please provide that information so
that we know what you have on your Cygwin installation.  Also, if you log
in as Administrator, can you explicitly run /usr/sbin/sshd?  If not, what
is the error message?
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